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Ardsley High School

Windward School

Ardsley Middle School

Concord Road  School

Ossining High School

Park Early Childhood C.

Claremont Elementary

Brookside Elementary

Anne M. Dorner M. S.

Roosevelt School

Scarsdale SFB

Port Chester High School

Port Chester Middle School

John F. Kennedy Primary

John F. Kennedy E.S.

P.C. Edison School

King Street School

Edgemont Jr./Sr. School

E. Greenville Elementary

 Seely Place Elementary

Rye Middle & High School

Midland School

Osborn School

Yonkers Montessori E. S.

Y. Martin Luther King E. S.

Yonkers P.S. 16

Peekskill Administration

Uriah Hill Elementary

Peekskill High School

Briar Cliff Manor High S.

Rippowam Middle School









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Decorative home lighting effectively combines style with function, accomplishing the all-important task of illumination, while simultaneously ...>>>


Renewable Energy




sun picture (NASA)  

Solar radiation is a general term for the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. We can capture and convert solar radiation into useful forms  ...>>>

ocean tidal power





Windward School   The Windward School was formerly a business ...>>>

Ardsley High School project consisted of multiple additions to an existing...>>>

Ardsley High School





Antalya, Falez view  

Lara is a district of Antalya city, Turkey. Its famous beach, Lara beach, is one of the longest sand beaches in Turkey  Lara is the home to many 5 to 7 ...>>>

Kuleli Askeri Lisesi

Biomass Energy  

Ever since humans started burning wood or other organic matter to keep warm and to cook food, we've been using biomass energy, or bioenergy. Today we can also use biomass to fuel vehicles, generate electricity, and develop biobased products.
Here you can explore the different ways to use biomass energy:

Fuel your vehicle with ethanol or biodiesel.

• Biopower
Buy clean electricity generated from biomass.

Use products, like plastics, made from biomass.

• Space heating
Heat your home using wood or biobased pellets




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